#CharlieHebdo, Shock and Cartoons

I was shocked. I am still shocked.
It’s probably empathy that causes shock.

The last time I had this sensation I was 8 years old, it was September, I had just arrived from school and turned on the tv to watch my favourite cartoons, as usual, but instead there were people running, hurt on the streets, screaming. Everything was covered in dust and smoke.
At that time I couldn’t completely understand what was happening, now I do. But the sensation is the same. The concern for my relatives and friends, that might had been close to the area (both in NY and Paris). The feeling that the people I love and I are not safe anymore, going to work, to school, even to two blocks away to buy bread.

I discovered about Charlie Hedbo through my most common way lately of finding out about news: Twitter.
Tweets with #CharlieHebdo and #JeSuisCharlie were all over my timeline. Of course the information is fast, and I was late, so I couldn’t understand. I scrolled down until I found an article. I stared at the screen for so long.

The President announced that a lot of attacks had been prevented these days in France, but, like a machine gun spitting bullets, no matter how many you stop, you only need one

Politics and news are not my forte, I’m very aware of that and therefore I never talk about them, but the fact that since I started this blog, two months ago, I had felt the need of writing about these so major events (see Ferguson) makes me question what is happening in the world, and realize how actually vulnerable and undefenced we are.

Now, what scares me is that the attackers think there’s a logic behind.
What I fear the most is that innocent Muslims will be insulted, hurt and maybe killed by people who think that every one is an integralist threatening their lives.




3 thoughts on “#CharlieHebdo, Shock and Cartoons

  1. I really like the sensitive and important observation you have communicated on these issues. It is such a complicated situation, we do need to think about what is at stake across the board.


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