My Mad Fat Diary

There are some stories that just make you say: “Yes, that’s the one. I could watch this over and over and never get bored”. Since I quickly get tired of series, wanting to rewatch one is extremely rare for me, and it happens only when it has love, culture, feelings and laughter. When it leaves me something after I finish the episode, when a scene or phrase whirls around my head for days. My Mad Fat Diary has all of it.

MMFD – as it’s called in the Tumblr and Fandom world – is a British series of 13 episodes, based on “My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary” by Rae Earl (the true diary of the author, found and published). The third season has been confirmed.
Set in Lincolnshire in 1996, the story follows the life of the 16-year-old (and obese) Rae, just came out of a psychiatric hospital, that reconnects with her friend Chloe and creates a new group of friends (all unaware she was sick).

Rae is a teenager that feels fat, ugly and awkward and wants to have friends. I have been there, I’m still there sometimes. She loves boys and music, and the soundtrack is probably the best I have ever heard (Oasis, The Smiths, The Verve, etc).
However, the plot in this case is just the surface, because underneath it there’s everything that being a teenager means, showed from a mature point of view. You will cry – spoiler alert: a lot – laugh and identify yourself with every character, because their life is so realistic, you’ll not avoid truly empathizing with them.
I just can tell I have recommended this show to almost 10 people, and every one of them has fell in love with it.

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Around a week ago, I received as a birthday gift the 2 books, the real diaries of Rae Earl, from my friends, the same ones that reluctantly started to watch the show some time ago. I finished the first one in about 2 days, and I’m half through the second one. The plot and the characters are in some ways different, so it’s like reading another story with the same location and protagonist, but it doesn’t take away the fact that are both beautiful.
The reason why she published the books, what she wanted to communicate, summarizes what I would love somebody to have said to my younger me: no matter how dark your life seems, it gets better. This phrase is silently shouted in every episode and every chapter. It gets better.

I’ve taken some liberties with time, but everything happened. Every word. I’m sharing it because these days it makes me laugh – and because I still see fat girls everywhere labelled as “bubbly with a nice personality”. And I suppose I want to tell them (and everyone else) that in the end it’s all OK. You can be fat and nuts and a virgin when you are 17 – and things can still turn out OK.

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10 thoughts on “My Mad Fat Diary

  1. I really love My Mad Fat Diary and I am so glad I watched it. I haven’t read the books- I actually haven’t decided if I want to read them yet. I can’t pin point why I am reluctant to read them. Anyway, it’s nice to find someone who also enjoys the show.

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    1. They – the books and the tv series – are two completely different things. Same protagonist (and same mum and place) but very different stories. I don’t know how to explain it. When you read the books after a while you stop thinking about the series and just enjoy the character you have loved. And Rae quotes amazing songs, I started to put them all in a Spotify playlist :)


  2. I love this TV series, I really do.

    Even if Rae has very specific, huge issues, she represents the majority of teenagers: their fears, their dreams, their chaotic mixture of desires. I also like the fact that each character is well-developed, don’t you agree? Danny Two Hats, Chop, Tix…Finn. Isn’t he lovely?

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    The books are waiting for me. I read the first pages, yesterday…

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    1. Yeah, everybody is so complex but they fit so well together, like a symphony. The books are the reality and the tv series is the romanticised reality and there are a lot of differences but I’m sure you’ll appreciate both :)


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