“They Say About Me…” & Understanding What to Do with My Life

what to do with my life

A week ago I went to a consulence service offered by an association in collaboration with my university. It was called “Balance of the Competences“, and basically we were 8 students guided by a councelor trying to understand what to do with our lives. You know, masters, work, specializations, etc. She never gave advises to anyone of us directly, only – very interesting – exercises and general recommendations.

One exercise was called “They Say About Me“: 4 answers to ask to friends or people close to you – no parents or boyfriends/girlfriends because they could be influenced by what do you want or not be very objective anyway -.
These 4 questions, written in a piece of paper that you could leave to them for a while, were:

– For what types of jobs do you think I have an aptitude for?

– What do you think could be my strong points for this job/these jobs?

– What do you think could be my weak points for this job/these jobs?

– Which types of jobs do you think could interest me more?

I asked two friends – I remember giving this piece of paper to them and just asking to do it – and the answers, especially to the first question, really surprised me. It was written “journalist” (what I would like to do) but also “promoter, manager, labour consultant” and even “motivator”. I could understand for which reasons they thought I could be good at those jobs – some aspects of my personality -, but not how I never thought about them.
It really made me reconsider a lot of possibilities and competences that I would never think of, or that were in the back of my mind, but that I didn’t give much importance to.
It’s not that you have to abandon your dream and become what people around you think you’d be good at, but these simple four questions could maybe help you broaden your horizons.
I think these are questions you can ask multiple times because what you want and feel to be can change a lot of times during your life.

Wish you a lovely evening and happy holidays :)

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6 thoughts on ““They Say About Me…” & Understanding What to Do with My Life

    1. Exactly! There are also other meetings, like “ways to find a job” or “how to write a cv”, that are so fundamental! Not a lot of people go because nobody opens the uni mail (where they send this info), but they are really good. There’s also a private counseling service, for example I asked for study and work abroad :)


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