ThisWeekSoFar: December, Podcasts, Music and More

Christmas Market Verona

With December the Christmas market arrives, and with it a lot of food, stands and people.

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“Frittelle” is the classic December treat: a sweet fritter covered with sugar or nutella. Definitely a bomb of calories, but “c’mon, it’s Christmas” :D

Serial Podcast

I spend 2 hours on the bus every day and I cannot read because I feel sick so podcasts have been a great discovery lately.
I listened to the first episode of Serial, a podcast I had very well heard of, and it’s bloody awesome.
The Chicago journalist Sara Koenig follows a true story: an 18-year-old student is last seen at her high school in January 1999, and her body is found six years later.  Her ex-boyfriend Adnan is charged with first-grade murder and has been in prison ever since, despite pleading his innocence. Who is the real killer? What secrets do the characters hide?
You will not stop listening.
P.s: if you like podcasts, try Welcome to Night Vale. It’s really weird but really cool.

Begin Again with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo.
This movie is so…natural. They have a perfect connection and everything seems chilled and real. A nice movie to watch under the covers and relax to, that will get a smile out of you more than once never trying to be funny.
Adam Levine is also part of the cast, he sings and corroborates the hypothesis that everyone with a moustache looks creepy (even if they’re hot).
Keira sings too – I didn’t know she could sing -. Why does these perfect British exist, that can act, dance, sing and tons of other things and be incredible and sweet people? *cough cough* Tom Hiddleston *cough cough*.
There’s a part in the movie, close to the end, when one of them says that you can learn a lot from a person from what they have in their iPod, and they just walk around the city just listening to the songs. I started wondering, what could anybody guess listening to my songs? What do you think anybody could guess about you?
The songs in the soundtrack are lovely and you can find them on Spotify.

Do you have any podcasts, tv series or Youtube channels to advise me? What are you doing this December?
Tell me everything in the comments! :)
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Have a lovely day!


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