Ella’s Baking Club: Fondant au Chocolat Recipes


Everyone has a I-want-to-eat-that-but-I-don’t-want-to-make-a-great-effort recipe. This is mine.
The first time I tasted a bite of Fondant au Chocolat I thought: this is heaven on a cake. A soft, moist, chocolate cake you just can’t get enough. My French roommate Alice baked it for a party at our place in Tallinn and she showed me how fast it was. Easy and delicious. French really know their stuff about cooking.

Alice used this recipe by “La Cuisine de Bernard, a very good blog that I totally recommend you if you speak French. If you don’t, just put the recipe on Google Translate – but please don’t use it for work or school, it’s terrible-. This is my favourite recipe and the easiest one. 

During my usual wanderings around blogs and Youtube channels  I came across this post, that took me to the “Chocolate Fondant” recipe by Gordon Ramsay on the BBC Good Food site (therefore in English). Let me tell you something, it looks like a vulcano of exquisiteness. Just don’t look at the calories per serving okay? Don’t do it. You did it, eh? You’re going to bake it anyway. This is the only recipe I haven’t tried yet, but c’mon, it’s by Gordon Ramsay, it couldn’t be bad.

The third recipe is by the famous Italian cooking website “Giallo Zafferano“, that calls the fondant Torta Tenerina (=tender cake).

Hope you liked this post! If you try one of the recipes let me know in the comments or tag me on Twitter – I’m @ellarend1 – or Instagram – I’m @ellarend -.
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Have a good day! :)


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