2 Broke Girls

2 broke girls2 Broke Girls is about two girls living together in New York and working as waitresses in a kinda squallid diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Max Black never had money in her entire life, her mum is a mess and she doesn’t see her in years and never knew her dad.  She’s sarcastic, pessimistic, witty, has terrible relationships, makes a fool of everybody and apparently doesn’t have feelings.

Caroline Channings was rich her entire life until her dad went to jail for operating a Ponzi scheme. Suddenly she is penniless, all her goods are confiscated and she literally finishes on the street and has to find a job. Max by chance comes across her, finds her a job at the diner where she works and even a room in her flat. That’s how the friendship starts. Caroline at the beginning is a spoiled girl that has no idea how to live “in the real world”, but she changes step by step.

This is Max:

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This is Caroline:

Oleg is the perverted Ukranian cook,

oleg 2 broke girls gifin love with Sophie, a Polish immigrant who lives in the same building as the girls and goes often to the diner.

Then there’s Earl, the old afroamerican cashier,

and Han, their tiny and Korean boss.
The show is about a friendship between two girls and their working their asses off to follow their dreams: open a cupcake business.
I can see myself in so many aspects of Max, but also of Caroline. The situations they face are very realistic: how young people without support from their parents live, fighting for every penny, how your life can change overnight, how much is hard to rebuild yourself, etc.

There are 3 entire seasons of 24 episodes each (20 minutes) and the fourth one is airing now in America.
Let me know if you watch it / you want to start it! :)


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