Some of the Youtube Channels I Follow


I’m sick. I feel terrible. My eyes are red, my nose runs like a dripping faucet.
I wanted to study but I can’t even concentrate on one page, so I’m going to lay in bed, watch Youtube videos and, well, write to you.
I’ve always had a problem with perseverance. I get excited about something and after a while I just grow weary of it, so I pass to another thing, and so on. I opened multiple blogs during the last years, but I’ve always closed them. This time I feel is not going to be like this. I don’t know why, but I feel it’s the one.
Anyway, this is what I watch and what I listen in times like this:

Felicia Day
I don’t always watch them, but these two channels are really funny.
(And Felicia Day is amazing and was also on Supernatural)

Advices, random chats, nerd stuff and more:
Andrew Quo
Emergency Awesome
From how to talk to a girl/boy to what’s gonna happen on the next Marvel movie, everything that you need.

Damn these channels are good. They teach you in a very accurate but also funny way about science, psychology, etc.

Make-up, shopping, life in London, vlogs:
Lily Pebbles
BeautyCrush – TheSammiMariaShow
The Americans:
Make-up and hair tutorials, but also trips around London, recipes, chats and so much more.

There are SO MANY Youtube channels I love, that I could continue forever. I like to watch them while I’m preparing to go to uni, while I’m eating, etc. They are short and relax me.

If you have any suggestions about Youtube channels, books, music, etc, let me know in the comments!

If you want to follow my adventures (?) don’t forget to follow me on my other social media, you can find the links in the menu.
Hope you’ll have a great Sunday and week :)
Now I’m gonna make me a cup of tea.

P.s: have you seen my new theme and especially my new header? It was made for me by my lovely friend Elisa, you can find her blog here and her works here.


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