Book Review #1: “After Dark” by Haruki Murakami

After Dark - Murakami Hello, my friends and strangers!
Who knows me well – and therefore also the (Mari)Ella that hides behind the illusion of “normality” – but what is normality? isn’t it just what most people do? Ok, I’ll stop – knows also that if I discover something and I really like it – books, tv series, movies, blogs, Youtube channels, anime, places, etc – I’ll tell it to everybody that could be into it
Often people like what I advise, and I often like what people recommend me, and so the chain starts.
An example? Let’s talk about “After Dark” by Haruki Murakami.
I do this thing that when I go to a friend’s house I start looking at their library.  I don’t always do it, but some weeks ago I did, and I found this little book.
“You have good stuff“, I noticed, going through the titles.
“Always”, he said.
“My friend has good stuff and he’s not afraid of showing it”, I sang in my mind, and I smiled.
“Can I borrow it?”, I asked.
“Of course”, he answered.
And so it was. I brought it home, I read it under the covers, sat on the University floors waiting for the class to start, at the bus station, everywhere.
It’s so rare for me lately to find a book that captures me completely. It’s like they don’t amaze me anymore. But this book succeeded – don’t even ask me how, or why-.
Anyway, I read it, I loved it, I recommended it – a friend is reading it now “thanks to me” (the famous “chain”).
If you think you’re interested in reading it, I have to tell you 3 things:
1. This book is not for people that try to find a sense. Don’t do it, just enjoy the words.
2. A book is never the same for two people because it is the mirror of ourselves, and every one of us is different, so for me it could be a special book and for you a really weird one.
3. Murakami’s books are like a slow but sweet uphill path: you have to choose the right one to start. If you start with 1Q84, you’re screwed. This book was my first by Murakami, and I pleasantly discovered it’s pretty good for a beginner.
P.s: Did you notice that I haven’t talked about the plot yet? No? Because I won’t, I never do when I like the book, you can google it if you want (;

“Time moves in its own special way in the middle of the night.”

If you read it, let me know, even if you didn’t like it. If you have read it, same thing.
I will try to be constant and write posts frequently.

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